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Why Use an Advisor

As a society, we are inclined to be as self-sufficient as possible, especially when there are costs involved.

However, there are several instances when we may look to hire a professional, including:

However, there are several instances when we may look to hire a professional, including:

  • the need for specialized skills, training or expertise we don't possess or have the desire to obtain (i.e. physician or accountant)
  • the need for specific tools, equipment, technology or products we don't have access to or know how to use (i.e. mechanic)
  • a desire to create a long range strategy that someone can hold you accountable to (i.e. personal trainer)

When it comes to a Financial Plan, Investments or Retirement Planning, people often try to go it alone and do it themselves, often asking, "Why should I use a Financial Advisor?" They are bombarded with ads making investing look easy and encouraging them to develop their own plan and portfolio, monitor it themselves and make adjustments as their life events change, as though it is such a simple process.

But money is emotional, and there are many complexities to a financial plan and investment portfolio, even more so for someone in or near retirement, where the challenges expand exponentially.  In addition, clients may not have access to all the tools and resources necessary to fully execute a financial plan, investment portfolio or retirement strategy.

This recent study by investment giant Vanguard Investments surmised that working with an Advisor may be worth over 3% return annually, for a host of reasons mentioned in the analysis.      Vanguard Study

But the reasons to use an Advisor at The Wealth Network are even more clear.


The reasons to use The Wealth Network are as simple as A, B, C:

  • Access - Working with an Advisor of The Wealth Network, you have access to an extremely wide variety of products that may not be available to the public or even to other financial advisors
  • Behavioral Analysis - We work to help you manage the emotion of money and try to take that emotion out of your decisions.  We work to keep you on your path regardless of conditions
  • Comprehensive Planning - We work with you to create a long range, comprehensive Financial Plan that addresses all aspects of your financial life and introduce other professionals where they are needed.  This helps keep your eye on the goals, reducing the urge to react in the short term.  In addition, our Retirement Clients are provided a customized Sleep Well Strategy that provides both an income stream and investment growth.

*The Sleep Well Strategy:  Helps Instill Confidence In Your Investments & may finally give you some peace of mind.