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Giving Lights of Renton

The Giving Lights Story

We first started our small Christmas Light Display 30 years ago having caught the bug from my dad, who decorated every year.  Just a static display at first, when we moved in 2004 into our new houes, I wanted more.  I bought a Mr Christmas box from Costco and that allowed me to have around a dozen strings of lights flash to the music the box was playing, adding some fun to the display.

Unfortunately, that gave me the bug to build more, and after visiting Woodinville Wonderland (props to Mark Zembruski), and seeing a fully musical, synchronized display, I started buying controller boxes and computer programs and began building a bigger, more musical display!  Every year it grew, and with my wife helping me add Whimsy, it became something people came from miles around to see.

It also grew to Halloween, which has grown even faster over the years!

When we realized we were going to have some good crowds each year, we decided we should do some good, while people enjoyed the lights, and Giving Lights of Renton was born!

We began with some canned food, added The Salvation Army and a kettle a number of years back, hosted a Dancers Against Cancer bake sale with my daughters dance team a few years ago, and finally last year added Seattle Children's Hospital to the mix, complete with a donation page and a QR code to scan at the house to donate.

All told we've raised thousands of dollars for local food banks, cancer research and the Seattle Children's Uncompensated Care Fund and it's now become a year round endeavor, all presented by The Wealth Network!

We are excited to provide the resources to build the display and raise even more money for charity, so feel free to click the link below and donate any time you'd like!!

Thanks for your support!!!