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Encore Services: Beyond the Financial for Your Second Act in Life

What is Encore Services?

Personal concierge services and resources for individuals and families for the next stage of their life; Providing patient advocate services in the field of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Long-Term Care planning, Home Aging concerns, Social Activity, Family Management and Planning to Personal Security and Advisor Coordination all rendered in business establishments, office buildings, hotels, residential complexes and homes; Providing case management services, namely, coordinating the psychology of aging, Independence issues, financial management, structuring accounts, POA, use of Trusts, housing options and choices, medical device and equipment resources, transportation, home modification options and coordination

Why Encore Services?

Many people have a Retirement Plan, some have an Estate Plan, a few even have a "Death Plan", but almost no one has a true "AGING PLAN", which is where Encore Services steps in.

Aging is challenging, in a lot of ways, physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially, and, not just for those aging, but also for those caring for their aging Loved Ones (LO's).  

There are a TON of moving parts, and while there are a lot of individual resources available, especially if you dig deep enough, there hasn't been a place to go to get most or all of what you need to know about all of the elements of aging AND caring for those who are getting older and facing challenges...Until Now!

Encore Services from The Wealth Network was designed as the go to place for ALL elements of the aging process from Long Term Care Planning, Health Care Resources, personal security and safety, food and transportation issues, Power of Attorney management, medical equipment, aging in place, estate inventory and organization, hospice issues and SO MUCH MORE!

We assist families in evaluating all of the areas of aging that they may not even have considered in advance!  Before they are knee deep in the issues with no answers.  We get those questions and answers addressed AHEAD OF TIME, to make the aging process and it's challenges easier for those who are aging, and their families and caregivers, all in a single location!  We've done all of the homework and heavy lifting for you to help you answer the questions you didn't know to ask.

We then work to hold a family meeting, to discuss the challenges that lie ahead, even those that are difficult to talk about, and provide resources for each area of concern!!

We then act as your personal guides and consultants as you implement your Family Aging Plan and renew the plan annually so as things change, we can help you pivot to meet your needs! 

There simply isn't anywhere else where you can get this complete guidance from people who've been through it, and know the pitfalls!

Contact us now to get your Aging Plan started!!

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